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A happier mind for a Healthier Life

Get convenient care access for your emotional and mental wellness

Arooga Health is a technology start-up innovating in the emotional and mental healthcare industry in the Philippines. The company matches employees with the appropriate care providers based on their objective of seeking help, financial budget, available schedule, and preferred medium of virtual interaction. By doing this, Arooga health aims to improve an employee's well-being, lessen the potential medical expenses arising from not addressing mental health concerns, boost their overall work productivity, as well as help care providers, get new customers, add revenue streams, and cut costs.


Arooga Health was founded by two graduate students from the Asian Institute of Management's Master of Science In Innovation and Business (MIB) program. Dominique "Dom" De Leon and Niña Samantha "Sam" Sanchez came up with the idea after a meeting with their fellow class officers on February 26, 2017. As a means of building trust and comradery among the officers, everyone exchanged deeply personal struggles they have faced. It was there that Dom and Sam discovered that both of them had similar issues with family members and loved ones finding and seeking emotional and mental help. Equipped with seven years of experience, skills in management and technology, and a network of would-be partners and advisors, Dom and Sam came up with the idea to form Arooga Health as their Capstone project.

Arooga Health 2019 - Mental Health Start

Currently, Arooga Health team is prioritizing Research & Development of Andrea, an AI-guided solution for employees to learn more about mental health and wellness in the workplace 24/7, get personalized wellness modules,  and conveniently schedule a consultation to a licensed care provider. This is through a pilot program with Asian Institute of Management's Guidance & Counselling office. 


Given this, Dom and Sam are looking for founding team members with experience in Healthcare, Clinical Psychology or Psychiatry who can join as a full-time or part-time founding team members. Main responsibilities are to oversee the operations of the pilot launch sessions, and improve the care seeker-provider matching process of Arooga Health. 


If you're interested in transforming behavioral healthcare in the Philippines,

apply here or contact us for partnerships.

Arooga Health 2019 - Mental Health Start
Arooga Health 2019 - Mental Health Start
About Arooga Health

A happier mind for a healthier life 
Get Convenient Access To Trusted Care Providers

for your Emotional & Mental Wellness

If you are in a crisis or may be in danger, we know you're going through something difficult and Arooga Health is not the best option. Please call 911, check these resources, or visit the nearest Emergency Department to get immediate help.

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