Invest in your employees' Emotional & Mental Wellness


1 in 5 Filipinos are living with a mental health disorder, and depression is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. Whether your employee is stressed, overwhelmed, looking for someone to talk to about life's challenges or simply trying to understand themselves better, Arooga Health matches employees with trusted care providers based on objective, preferred schedule, and mode of interaction. 



We imagine a world where everyone gets access to emotional and mental healthcare to promote overall wellness, along with reducing the stigma surrounding mental disorders.

A happier mind for a healthier life 
Get Convenient Access To Trusted Care Providers

for your Emotional & Mental Wellness

If you are in a crisis or may be in danger, we know you're going through something difficult and Arooga Health is not the best option. Please call 911, check these resources, or visit the nearest Emergency Department to get immediate help.